Round Cove Fire Pit Bowls

Cozy up by the fire this season with a Round Cove Fire Pit Bowl; On Sale Now! Not only are they stylish and beautiful, but they don’t have any pesky corners to bump into by accident. Choose tones of Natural Grey, White, or Midnight Mist Supercast™; these fire pits are sure to liven up your space outside. All Fire Pit bowls have colour density variations and pitting to ensure each fire pit is unique.

Cove Edge Fire Pit Bowl

This Beauty will liven up any patio outside. With the option of a CVR42 cover, it can stay in great condition if you choose not the use it all the time. It comes with a 28” round Crystal Fire® Plus burner insert and plate which will allow you to have the flame height you desire and turn it on and off with the push of a button. On sale now! For more information contact us today.

Cove 30 Fire Pit Bowl

This stylish fire pit would make a perfect centerpiece for your outdoor patio as everyone can stay cozy while having a good time. The Cove 30 Fire Pit Bowl comes with a Grey Glass Burner Cover which can come in handy if you want to protect your 30” Round CrystalFire® Plus Burner from the elements. You also have the option of getting the GLASS GUARD-30-R which can be useful if you have little children running around and the CVR42 Cover to keep your fire pit protected outside when it’s not in use. On sale now! For pricing please contact us.

Cove 20 Fire Pit Bowl

Your outdoor patio is sure to be a hit with this Cove 20 Fire Pit Bowl. Even if you only have a small space outside, this fire pit can make a big difference. It comes with a Grey Glass Burner Cover, which not only helps protect your fire pit but also makes it useful if you need a little extra table space. If you so choose, there’s also the option to get a GLASS GUARD-20-R, and CVR36 cover. On sale now! For more information or pricing, contact us today.