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Tips for Designing An Outdoor Space Worth Living In

With Spring in full swing and summer on the way, now is the time to create the perfect outdoor oasis to last a lifetime. Bring the fun outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather in style. Having a space outdoors that is designed with you in mind can create a calm space to relax in.
Make your outdoor space feel like part of your home with these tips and ideas for the perfect outdoor space.

Assessing Your Outdoor Space

The biggest thing you should look into before any project is knowing your space. Everyday things to focus on are the size of your space, what kind of improvements or renovations you want to do, what purpose your outdoor space has, and what your budget is.

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Designing Your Outdoor Space

Once you’ve assessed your outdoor space, you can start designing your perfect outdoor space. You’re going to want to plan your layout, if you want a theme, choose the right patio furniture or outdoor kitchen appliances, the right lighting and ambience, and add any extras like a patio heater or a firepit. It can be daunting, but if you’re having a hard time, Live-Outside can answer your questions and help plan your space worth living in.


  1. The Perfect Grill
    • You will want to ensure you get the right grill for your outdoor kitchen. Consider the primary function of the grill. Will you use the rotisserie more often, or will you be strictly grilling?
  2. Outdoor Kitchen
    • Consider the ambience and tone of your outdoor space. Choosing the right countertops can bring everything together to create a luxurious feeling in your area.
  3. Fire Table or Firepit
    • Choosing to add a fire table or firepit can create a space that can be used earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Not only can you stay warm on chilly nights, but a fire table or firepit can also be a great focal point in your space.
  4. Outdoor Fireplace
    • Like a firepit or fire table, an outdoor fireplace can be an amazing focal piece for your space. An outdoor fireplace is perfect for an outdoor patio, as it brings comfort, warmth, and luxury.
  5. Patio Furniture
    • The right patio furniture brings your whole ambience together. Whether it be colourful and fun or warm and inviting, choosing the right furniture is an important part of creating the perfect outdoor space.
  6. Patio Heaters
    • This is an essential part of your outdoor patio if you like to enjoy the outdoors well into the fall. They may not be the focal point of the space but you still need to think about the best selection. Whether you’d like one that’s mounted, one that can be moved for cleaning or one that has a permanent spot.
Outdoor Kitchen with Grill

Adding Focal Points

Adding features to your outdoor space goes hand in hand with planning your layout. Is there an area or item you’d like to feature? It could be your outdoor kitchen, your fancy new grill, an amazing new outdoor fireplace, or maybe a firepit. Whatever you choose it’s important to make it stand out and make the space inviting. Live-Outside is the perfect company to help with these decisions and give advice on what’s right for you.


  1. Firepit or Fireplace
    • This can be a perfect focal point for your outdoor space if you like to spend your time outdoors by a fire.
  2. Outdoor Grill
    • An outdoor grill is a great feature item if you like to spend your days grilling up a storm. Whether it be a steak, a burger, or grilled veggies, if you’re spending your summer grilling your meals, this is the focal point you’d want.
  3. Outdoor Kitchen
    • If you like to host backyard parties, or if you just have guests over a lot, making your outdoor kitchen the main feature might be for you. A kitchen can help people gather for good conversation and a fantastic meal all summer long.
  4. Outdoor Patio
    • Do you enjoy just sitting outside and taking in the outdoors? Maybe the outdoor patio itself would be the best focal point for you. A place where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Enjoying Your Outdoor Space

Once your outdoor living space has been completed, it’s time to relax in your little oasis at home. Now your space is the perfect setting for hosting summer parties and creating amazing summer memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy your newly redone patio and sit by a nice cozy fire or enjoy a perfectly cooked BBQ meal with family and friends.

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You can create the perfect outdoor environment, with the right tools, ideas, and advice from a trusted source. At Live Outside, we know you can have the outdoor kitchen or patio of your dreams with a little help from us. We encourage you to take the time and effort to transform your outdoor space into one that’s worth living in.