Fall is here and what’s better than spending the last of the brisk autumn weather outside with your friends and family? Bringing the warmth outside will help create a feeling of joy and peace and should be just as comfortable as your indoor space. With the right combination of furniture and appliances, we can help make that happen! Enclosed patios, patio heaters, fire tables and fire pits are the perfect way to extend your fall outdoors.

Light Up Your Nights with Our Fire Tables and Fire Pits

If you’re looking to have a fun-filled family night, why not enjoy a night around the fire sharing stories or recounting memories? With our fire tables and fire pits, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a snack and a drink out by the fire. There’s a massive selection for whatever space you have, big or small. With the right choice, you’ll be able to have your own cozy space, perfect for hosting an outdoor get-together or just spending time outdoors in Canmore.

This Kenwood Linear Dining Fire Table would be a perfect addition for those who just want to warm up their evenings while having dinner outdoors.

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This Bronson Fire Pit is a great choice for those who want to build it themselves. With this all-in-one kit, you can find the perfect spot to have your perfect evening by the fire.

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The Renegade Fire Table is perfect for those who want outdoor living on the go. It’s portable so you can enjoy your fall, whether it be at home or while you’re out camping.

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Heat Up Your Outdoor Living Space with a New Patio Heater

When the temperatures this fall are feeling just a little too chilly in Canmore, you can warm it up with a patio heater. Knowing what you want for your space can be difficult, but when you have the right options, it can help with how you want your outdoor space to feel. Whether you want a permanent or a portable heater, there are lots of options to choose from. A patio heater is a perfect addition to any outdoor space or enclosed patio, especially if you want to make the outdoor season last as long as possible.

A Portable Patio Heater is perfect for those who want to move around their outdoor living space and create a new look and feel from time to time. A wheel kit is also an option.

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Hanging Heaters are just the thing if you have those that you don’t want getting too close. These are permanent Hanging Heaters that are great for subtlety and warmth.

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In-Ground Post Heaters are perfect if you know you want to spend lots of time outdoors and you have a specific outdoor living space in mind. These heaters are a permanent heat solution for your outdoor space.

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Enjoy Bringing the Outdoors in with an Enclosed Patio

You’ll still enjoy the ambience of the outdoors with an enclosed patio, but with the benefit of being sheltered. With single-sided or see-through versions, our screens will help create a very cozy feeling. Cuddle up with a blanket and a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy the crisp autumn breeze in Canmore. An enclosed patio can also be combined with a patio heater to make your space even more comfortable. To make your enclosed patio even more perfect for those chilly nights, why not add a ready-to-finish outdoor gas fireplace?

If you are considering an enclosed patio, think of these key factors:

  • If you’re going to be eating outside, screens can be essential to keep your food and yourself free from bugs and other insects.
  • Your view of Canmore can stay beautiful and you would have the added bonus of not having any flies or mosquitoes to shoo away.
  • You can enjoy your enclosed patio all year round when you don’t have to worry about outside factors like wind, with our wind-resistant screens.
  • And of course, you want to make sure the quality of the screens will be high. Our screens are great for your satisfaction.

An enclosed patio is the right choice if you have taken all these factors into consideration and you want all the benefits of being outdoors, without the external conditions of the outdoors.